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Read what our members have to say about Climate Salad and why they continue to be members of our community.

Satish Hrit

Climate Salad has proven incredibly valuable for our Startup. The platform effectively gathers forward-thinking entities in the Climate Tech sector, creating a community of like-minded individuals that offers immense collective support. Through Climate Salad, Sparkcraft was introduced to Earthtech, a connection that ultimately facilitated discussions with a prominent global venture capital firm. The platform's wealth of available mentorship opportunities further enhances its inherent value.

Satish Hrit, Sparkcraft Technologies

Sparkcraft Technologies
Sam Ringwaldt

Climate Salad has created a community of likeminded individuals who are tackling some of the biggest issues of our day, making it incredibly easy to network and learn from others on similar journeys who may be a step or two ahead. It is always encouraging to see you are not on the journey alone, and having Climate Salad as a built in cheer squad is awesome.

Sam Ringwaldt, Conry Tech

Conry Tech
Jan Golembiewski

The Climate Salad is a critical resource for people who are trying to make global change from within industry here in Australia. It's a vibrant and powerful network that spans big capital to those who simply just want to make a difference.

Jan Golembiewski, Earthbuilt Technology Pty Ltd

Earthbuilt Technology Pty Ltd
Stuart Philpot

Mick has greatly advocated for our business and provided solid advice regarding capital-raising. Generally, the Climate Salad team has been fantastic to work with.

Stuart Philpot, UPowr

Jeremy Biggs

The Climate Salad team, mentors and community have been a core foundation in helping us connect with key strategic partners, deals and investors.

Jeremy Biggs, Misio

Molly Fullee

The best community that brings together founders and mentors to help climate tech solutions grow. We’ve been able to have great connections and partnerships to grow our company through meetups, trade missions and conference. The unwavering support and belief has been so amazing! The exposure on a global stage has expanded our presence to a global audience.

Molly Fullee, ONVOL

Joseph Glesta

Connected to good people, had 1 good pitch night in Melbourne 9 months ago. Solid community and generally great and supportive ecosystem.

Joseph Glesta, climasens

Johanna Kloot

Weekly workshops that provide valuable learning for founders. A massive database of mentors and fellow founders all enthusiastically caring and sharing.

Johanna Kloot, GreenKPI

Grant Hatamosa

Joining Climate Salad has connected me with passionate individuals who understand the challenges of fighting climate change as a founder. This supportive community has made me feel less alone and more resilient on this tough journey.

Grant Hatamosa, Green Hat Solutions

Green Hat Solutions
Richard Savoie

Climate Salad are very well connected and very proactive in sharing those connections to the benefit of the entire sustainability tech community.

Richard Savoie, Adiona

Allen Fan

I have only joined Climate Salad for a few weeks, but as a founder who's just getting started with building a climate-tech company I'm happy to say I've found my home. So far I've been getting a lot of value from the community - advisors, network, news and just general good community vibes. I'm no longer alone in this difficult start-up journey!

Allen Fan, CarbonHQ

Gordon Renouf

Climate Salad is a fantastic source of advice and network building valuable to entrepreneurs just starting on their climate tech journey and those well along the way. Mick and the team have connected Good On You to mentors with valuable insights, advisers and potential customers.

Gordon Renouf, Good On You

Good On You
Lauren Branson

So many insights on global expansion and they have an amazing approachable network that has really added value to our start up. Well done team Climate Salad. We can't wait to contribute more the to community.

Lauren Branson, Your Food Collective

Your Food Collective
Hannah Ried

Climate Salad has given us the opportunity to meet with Clean-Tech Mentors which has made a tremendous difference to our Strategy and fundraising approach. Furthermore, the Climate Salad members channel is updated by the talented team daily with important Climate Tech news, grant opportunities as well as industry events. This channel has become our one stop shop for all things CLIMATE TECH.

Hannah Ried, HydroPoint Pty Ltd

HydroPoint Pty Ltd
Andy Epifani

Climate Salad has been helping reach into an amazing community of likeminded founders and has given us the opportunity to connect with incredible people and even find potential partnerships!

Andy Epifani, Uuvipak

Ross Sharman

Climate Salad is the first gathering of like-minded climate tech focussed businesses in Australia, forming a powerful eco-system and network. I've made some great connections, got some fantastic support and value the eco-system enormously.

Ross Sharman, Accurassi

Lara Solomon

I’ve been part of the Climate salad community and the support & help I’ve got from the team has been amazing. I actually feel that I can ask and they will help, and that they want to see me succeed.

Lara Solomon, Hoopsy

Evannah Jayne

Climate Salad is an amazing community and resource for Climate Tech & Sustainability founders. We joined Climate Salad shortly after it's launch, and we have since gained numerous networks and opportunities that wouldn't have otherwise been available to us. We are looking forward to all future opportunities that are presented by Climate Salad.

Evannah Jayne, Terran Industries Pty Ltd

Terran Industries Pty Ltd
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