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HydroPoint Pty Ltd

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HydroPoint is a privately owned clean-tech company who helps businesses achieve measurable sustainability & ESG goals through our innovative drinking water technologies. Our priority and business goal is to eliminate single use plastic bottles from the ocean, waterways and landfills. Our circular economy model, the Smart Water Kiosk is an environmental solution as it eliminates plastic bottle waste and the continual use of resources. Our kiosk assists the Australian Government with their 2025 target of phasing out problematic and unnecessary single-use plastics packaging (target 5 of NWPAP) by providing a measurable long-term solution of Environmental Social Governance (ESG) for Plastic Bottle waste.

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Our vision is to bring our Circular Economy Model to as many people as possible to eliminate single use plastic, and help businesses achieve measurable ESG/Sustainability goals. Our Kiosk generates a real-time ‘plastic bottles saved’ count, which shows how much plastic was saved from entering landfills and waterways, making a measurable difference towards climate change. The ultimate goal is to create our own foundation, an ocean-based clean-up to make our business even more impactful. Our vison also includes off-grid hydration stations that can help 3rd world countries, disaster relief and indigenous communities with clean and easily accessible drinking water.

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