We upcycle ocean-bound plastic, together with other post consumer materials, make them into 100% recyclable, cold water machine washable essential clothing.

Female Founder
Circular Eco / Waste
Circular Economy

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Company mission

aciae is a pioneering sustainable fashion brand that creates stylish and affordable products made from ocean bound plastics and other post-consumer materials, designed to be fully recyclable, and cold water machine washable that creates circularity of the fashion industry. With a mission to eliminate waste and pollution, and minimise any harm done while still making fashionable clothing accessible and affordable. It adapts Circle to Zero principles to reuse, recycle, and repurpose unwanted materials into essential goods that will improve quality of all lives on earth. With our end of life program, we are creating a future where waste is nonexistent and advocating for conscious consumption by helping consumers lead more sustainable lifestyles. We strive to be at the forefront of circularity; reimagining what it looks like when waste is minimised, yet fashion remains fashionable, innovative and trendsetting. By leveraging creativity with sustainability, aciae hopes to create an even better world for generations to come with no limits on style or impact!

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