Airgarden is an aeroponic vertical garden that makes growing your own leafy greens, vegetables and herbs easy, accessible and affordable for anyone - no green thumb required. It grows farm-fresh produce 3x faster, using 95% less water, is chemical and toxin free and produces food from porch to plate with zero waste and doesn’t requires yard space or dirt.

Female Founder
Ag & Food

Climate tech focus

Improve Environment

Company mission

To make it easy for anyone, regardless of time, space or experience, to grow their own food.

Airgarden is Australia’s first locally owned and made aeroponic vertical garden.

Using ‘aeroponics’, a sustainable and 100% organic growing technology, the Airgarden makes it easy for anyone to grow serious amounts of fresh herbs and veggies all year round in just 1-metre square of space.

The Airgarden’s self-fertilising, self-watering system takes the guesswork out of growing, making it virtually fail-proof and requiring just 10 minutes of simple gardening per week – absolutely no green thumb required!

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