AxisTech is an Australian based agrifood tech solution provider with a focus on whole-of-business data and device solutions. We have a strong track record of innovative, user-orientated technology developments with a multi-skilled team across electronics, software development, data engineering, data science, research, marketing, business development, finance and management.

Ag & Food
Western Australia

Company mission

AxisTech, in collaboration with Custodian Ag has a vision for sustainability and expertise across the soils, agrifood and tech industries. Custodian Ag provides data measurement and management, and tracking sustainability metrics in agriculture value chains. It is delivered using the 5M approach.

  1. Measurement
  2. Management
  3. Metrics
  4. Method
  5. Monetise

Custodian Ag is dedicated to assisting to solve industry challenges and problems with real and feasible solutions.

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