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Avani Solutions

We actively decarbonise buildings by changing the way they behave, unlocking the path to Real Zero

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Company mission

Commercial real estate is one of the largest contributors to global carbon emissions. At the same time, sustainability is no longer a buzzword - it's become an absolute must-do for all organisations.

But it’s a complex problem. While increasingly companies have sustainability targets and ESG plans in place, most aren’t confident that they can deliver the improvements needed to drive real change.

This is where Avani comes in. We’ve spent almost two decades developing advanced integration technologies that actively decarbonise buildings, by changing the way they behave.

We do that in 3 ways:

  1.    Accessing data from ANY building of ANY age, regardless of technological capability, 
  2.    Changing behaviour of buildings through self-correcting, automated actions, 
  3.    And Tracking improvements of sustainability initiatives through a series of user-friendly dashboards and reports.

And this unlocks an enormous impact for our clients and for the environment - savings our clients up to 50% of their energy costs, and saving up to 1100 tonnes of CO2 per building per year.

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