Beanstalk AgTech

Beanstalk AgTech

Beanstalk is an innovation agency dedicated to unleashing the potential for agriculture to be the leading force for good. We exist to support industry leaders, start-up innovators, investors, and government bodies across the Indo-Pacific to advance sustainable, ethical, and responsible food systems. Our core competency is in helping our clients to navigate and adopt leading practices and technologies, with purpose and clarity. Our advantage lies at the intersection of our deep domain expertise, our open innovation mindset, and our regional network. Our team consists of agriculture, innovation, strategy, and operation experts based out of Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, and Singapore.

Circular Eco / Waste
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Company mission

Everything we do directly drives long term community, ecological and business resiliency through our work. This is the main event, not an afterthought. 

We are actively working towards improving the way we effectively measure and communicate our impact within our business and for our clients. It is an ongoing process we work on daily.

We’ve committed to doubling down on 5 pillars of impact:

  1. Building enterprise resiliency:  supporting primary producers and corporate agribusinesses to leverage impact, profitability, and innovation to withstand and even thrive through adversity. 
  2. Advancing circularity: supporting the transition toward biologically inspired, circular models of doing business, starting with reclassifying ‘waste’ as ‘capital’.
  3. Enabling a ‘nature positive’ food system: facilitating action to reduce the pressures driving nature loss and advance the processes of natural restoration and regeneration.
  4. Promoting safe and secure livelihoods: fostering agricultural supply chains free from poverty, exploitation, and undue risk to mental and bodily harm. 
  5. Ensuring food and nutrition security: helping to progress towards a world in which all people always have physical, social, and economic access to sufficient, safe, and nutritious food.
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