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Aquacultr Group

Aquacultr Group is a Blue Economy focused AgriTech business, built on the foundation of Tailor Made Fish Farms Pty Ltd and a 24 year history of successful development, operation and commercialisation of efficient land-based, modular fish production systems, deployed in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Europe. Aquacultr Group is on a mission to drive growth in sustainable land-based aquaculture in Australia and abroad, bringing highly efficient and sustainable protein production systems and building out a network of 144 farming sites within Australian and international markets in the next 5 years, bringing sustainability, security and resilience to food production systems.

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Distributed production of high quality food (as opposed to highly centralised and centrally processed), close to markets, reducing food mileage, and bringing food security and resilience to our food production systems. Our highly efficient systems produce protein at 1.2:1 (feed to food ratio) as opposed to chicken meat (1.6:1), Pork (4:1) and Beef (9+:1), and are significantly more efficient than sea cage aquaculture systems and do not produce point source pollution impacts due to the inherent containment and treatment within Recirculated Aquaculture Systems (RAS). We are also working on micro and macro algae solutions that enable water recirculation and carbon drawdown with a mission to create the Greenest Protein on the planet.

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