AgriWebb is empowering the livestock industry with the best software tools to feed the world productively, profitably and sustainably.

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AgriWebb believes that, through data, one of GHG emissions biggest culprits can and should be its biggest solution.

The reliability of agriculture’s future rests on sustainable practices. With livestock production estimated to account for over 9% of global greenhouse emissions, the future of this industry is inextricably tied to improving emissions efficiency.

AgriWebb’s customers are food producers and our primary duty is to return a robust positive value for the effort and investment that farmers and ranchers commit to us. Therefore, we will seek out channels of commercial and tangible return to the stewards of primary production that will reward those actively improving land use or management practices to store more carbon and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Ultimately empowering farmers to create a better future for their farm, their family, and financially benefit in the process. Not only will this create more resilient and productive land, but it will also allow farmers to be financially compensated for their efforts through carbon trading. To put this into context, AgriWebb's current ecosystem (Q3, 2021) manages over 150 million acres of high rainfall pastures. Those pastures can sequester roughly 2 metric ton CO2/acre/year. So that's 300 tons - or roughly equivalent to 3x the total emissions from all of the registered cars in Australia! ( (

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