Avarni provides scope 1-3 data and insights across the entire supply-chain, increases transparency and carbon traceability through effective supplier engagement, highlights high-risk and carbon intensive vendors, improves operational and investment performance, and provides cost-effective carbon reduction solutions.

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Avarni is solving the problem of carbon risk invisibility. With an estimated $54 trillion in unpriced climate risk sitting across global capital markets, one of the biggest challenges facing organisations today is shareholders and stakeholder demand on climate change. However, even if companies are setting targets, most struggle idea to achieve them. Consulting has become impracticable, inefficient and too expensive. In particular, the most challenging part of this journey is tackling scope 3 emissions - the emissions beyond your immediate control that can account for up to 90% of an organisations impact, but that are hard to calculate or influence, because they are beyond direct control.

Avarni aims to solve this problem through collaboration and visibility throughout a company's entire value chain. Avarni has created a smart carbon data platform upon which companies track their operation's emissions, get a high level view of which parts of their buyer and vendor network have the highest impact, and get those buyers & vendors on the platform to do the same. Avarni's focus is to aggregate granular carbon data throughout the value chain to assist companies in identifying and mitigating sustainability risk. This can then be used not only for emissions reduction efforts, but also investment and insurance risk analysis, and customer & stakeholder engagement.

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