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Climate Action built for small & medium businesses. For less than the cost of one coffee per week, our platform offers you:

  1. Easily Understand Your Emissions: We've made it super simple. Our user-friendly tools help you grasp your emissions, and you can easily track and update them.
  2. Craft Your Emissions Reduction Plan: Tailor your plan to fit your needs. Choose from pre-made task categories or customize your own. It's as easy as picking ingredients for your favorite sandwich.
  3. Roadmap to Success: We'll help you chart a course for your business that aligns perfectly with your goals and aspirations. It's like GPS for your sustainability journey.
  4. Effortless Impact Reporting: No more stress over reporting. Our platform automates business and community reporting, showcasing your impact to all the important folks.
  5. Join Forces for Greater Impact: Ability to create and join groups connecting businesses and supply chains together. See your collective impact across your customisable community, business sector, value chain, suppliers, member associations, or even your friends
  6. Support and Expertise: We've got your back when it comes to sharing your sustainability story. Plus, we offer access to certified carbon auditors to keep your emissions in check.

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