Posted Jan 22

Non-Exec Director

at Hoopsy


Hoopsy is on a mission to eliminate plastic from home testing kits, it is a HUGE mission - 25 million kgs of plastic is used globally a year!

Hoopsy is an Australian company, founded in December 2021, we launched our first MVP, an Eco Pregnancy Test into the UK market in July 2022. Some facts,

  • We have filed a provisional patent for a new 100% sustainable lateral flow test, and are currently submitting our PCT
  • We have identified a partner to help us develop the 2nd version of the test, which will launch in 2026 approximately depending on regulatory approval
  • We have won numerous pitching and startup competitions
  • We have raised $335k in funding and are currently raising
  • Hoopsy has been featured in the media over 90 times since launch
  • Hoopsy has a solo founder - Lara Solomon, who is a serial entrepreneur, this is her 6th business, and she has exited twice
  • The team is currently just Lara and some awesome advisors
  • The end goal is to white label test strips, sell our own brand and license the IP to other lateral flow manufacturers

This is currently an equity only role in terms of payment, I am looking for someone who can be involved in a strategic capacity on an ongoing basis, ideally someone with experience in femtech/medtech/climatetech with a product based business.

I am looking for someone who is passionate about what I am trying to achieve and can help me build the business, intro me to investors and at times be the voice of reason!!?!

To start as soon as I find the right person :)

If you are interested please get in touch via email



On a mission to eliminate plastic from lateral flow test kits

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