Jobs/Senior Climate Risk Analyst
Posted Apr 29

Senior Climate Risk Analyst

at Land Insight


About The Role

As a member of the Climate Resilience Solutions team, you will play a pivotal role in researching climate change at global, regional, and local levels. You'll collaborate closely with stakeholders to gather, analyse, and interpret data from various sources, including the atmosphere, oceans, and land. Your work will contribute to the development of climate data products, computer models, and analytical frameworks that support informed decision-making and drive climate resilience across industries.

Land Insight

Land Insight

Land Insight’s comprehensive environmental and climate data unlocks fast, simple and reliable analysis of the risks associated with any land or property in Australia, enabling strategic decisions. The Sydney-based start-up quantifies and evaluates natural hazards, pollution, and ground hazards, helping government, organisations such as banks and financial institutions understand the environmental risks in relation to land and property, via access to data modelling and insights reports and an emerging data-as-a-service (DaaS) subscription model. This model is intended to be available to consumers as they make important decisions of property ownership.

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